Idea conveyed by the work

The idea of a never ending search is always present in some way in the mind of an individual.

This search focuses on what he believes to be happiness. It is as if happiness were a goal to achieve.

He spends his whole life looking for something that he sometimes doesn�t find, without realizing that there is nothing to look for. It is only when he stops searching and simply starts living, that he begins to go along that path which is real happiness.

To dawn on this, to understand the paradox that we simply do not have to do anything, is not always an easy process.

To develop spiritually is, from my own point of view, the only way to discover this secret.

Spirituality creates inside the individual, the space to fully live the present, without any ties to the past or the future, to people or possessions. In this way he can recognize himself at every moment only in his inner self, in his soul, in his spirit, in that Superior Being, whatever his name, which lies just there.

Dedicated to whom created his dwelling in me, when he decided to create me.

April 2000.

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