Meaning conveyed by this work

“Angel” has to do with the way in which we relate to the outer world. It talks about the external demands as well as the self imposed ones, about idealisms. “What one should be”, which takes loads of energy and a lot of effort in order to become a different person, someone we are not.

The clearest image in the work is that of an angel flying head down, a good angel who comes from heaven. This is the way in which we show ourselves to others, and at the same time, it is the way in which others want to see us. On the light of this parameter, our behaviour is not the real one. We become petrified beings, predictable ones, lacking any capacity to face the world freely.

With a bit of imagination, you may be able to see the features of another angel in the inferior apex of the work, this is the devil: Lucifer, prince of the rebel angels. One of his cheeks, in shades of red, rests on one side of the angle while his horns rest on the other side.

It is hard to see, isn´t it ?

The same happens in our lives. We deny those aspects which may be seen as negative by others. In order to be able to manipulate this world, we live with the obsession of our outer image, with appearances, and we do not allow ourselves to be ourselves.

To be what we are, with our virtues and limitations, with our failures and successes, makes us better human beings. We become more adaptable to each situation that crops up. We allow ourselves to make mistakes.
Paradoxically, we do not do this for the sake of competition , we do not do it “because we ought to be better”. If we did it like that, differences would inevitably stand out, thus resulting in discriminating everything that is seen as “different”. But, different from what? From an invention based on rules, prejudices and preconceptions that others have once programmed in our minds. Ideas that may not be related to us in any way.

We could summarize the meaning of this work with a prayer called: Prayer of the Gestalt Therapy, written by Dr fritz Perls.

“ I do what is mine and you do what is yours.
I am not in this world to fulfill your expectations.
And you are not in this world to fulfill mine.
You are you and I am me.
And if by any chance we meet, it should be beautiful.
If not, we cannot do anything about it”.

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