This is a diptych, with a base of 70 cm. for each of the fabrics.

In the first one, to the left of the observer, red and blue are the predominant colours. As regards texture, we can see a knot made with a sealing material which goes through the fabric. Next to it there is a strained fabric which integrates the knot to the rest of the work. In a subtle way, with a certain texture, two bands made with moulding paste run in a parallel way and obliquely to the knot.

In the second one, to the right of the observer, blue and black are the predominant colours. The same materials appear, but set in a different way.

The knot is black and the bands of paste are set vertically.

Meaning of the work

The idea cropped up from the relationship between two brothers. It is based on my own bond with my brother Alejandro who died when I was 18. This diptych shows a series of analogies and antagonisms, which are typical of a blood relationship.

Among the analogies, we find the essence, the basic, the root, everything that is given to us, impossible to modify and common to both. Each fabric represents each of the brothers, with the same elements but oriented in a different way.

The use of different colours represents the antagonic. These colours represent the shades and profiles that each individual makes up through each of the different experiences lived. I call these: personality, character, preferences; that is to say, everything that provides colour to the content. This is why we see a red area in the fabric on the left, with different shades next to the knot (including it) and a black area in the fabric on the right.

Finally, an arch of colours which unifies both, makes them an only being, the same that happens in a diptych, an only work, inseparable in spirit, even when circumstances determine a physical separation.

To deny or to fail to acknowledge this bond, makes them lack meaning and identity.



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