In search of the lost peace

Meaning conveyed by this work

How many times do we feel restless? How many others do we feel anxious? We become aggressive without knowing what is happening. We become unrecognizable to the people around us. It may be difficult to accept, but we become others. We feel demanded. This situation brings more restlessness, more anxiety. It is a vicious circle.

Even when we have experienced peace in any phase of our lives, having been in contact with our inner self and with “the here and now”, there may be moments in which we feel that this peace has been lost. Worries crop up in any situation and any situation turns into a problem. So we begin a search for that lost state, with the purpose of feeling calm again. Feeling confused, we sometimes take the wrong paths.

We have a go in the world of sensations. We develop the idea of pleasing ourselves with things we do not possess. We start dreaming about things which lie in a distant future moment. We make an effort. We get depressed if we cannot reach them. We get them on some occasions. We get invaded by a pseudo happiness on that exact moment of achievement. But this is gone. We think that it was not so fantastic anyway, that it had some flaw. So we start the process once again. We go along new paths, equally wrong. And so on and so forth. Full of things whose benefits we cannot capitalize, things which lie outside our own selves. We do not understand how or why , but we are less and less recognized.

Quoting Anthony de Mello, I ask: “Have you ever wondered if what you call your happiness, is really your tie?“

The red dots in this work represent the mistaken paths. We focus our search there, over and over again, without realizing that true peace, happiness, is hidden behind those veils that we put. I symbolize it on the canvas with a dove which can hardly be seen on the top part.

In real life, that peace is the “here and now”. It is connecting ourselves with our inner world. It is realizing that life is worth living just because we are alive. Without attachments of any sort. Without unnecessary burdens. Without unnecessary efforts. Without so many “things”.

I believe that true happiness is not something that you cannot lose because it had been once achieved.
If we are not aware and on the alert, we may assume certain external demands as ours, either consciously or unconsciously, and these demands put us in a distant position from happiness. Sometimes for long periods of time.

We do not need many things in order to be happy. We do not need so many dreams. Believe it or not, the best dream is your own reality. It is a question of focusing your attention correctly and widely opening the eyes of your soul.

Your best dream is today and it is you.

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