Pain and suffering


It is a dyptich , with a basis of 60 cm for each of the canvases.

Idea conveyed by the work

By the year 2000 I gave the final touch to this work. I remember it was during my participation in a lecture by Dr Jorge Bucay. At that moment , the work had already been shaped on the canvas.

The idea behind this work has meaning for any of us who had to face any of these two states at any moment of life, or at least the first one of them: Pain.

RI relate pain with mourning, a process of adaptation, related to a loss.

In this work it is represented by a scar that you can see on your left.

When we cut ourselves, tissues open. Our flesh is exposed. We start to bleed. With the required care, this blood will coagulate and finally, the injury will heal. If there had been a fever, it will cease. In the worst case, we will need intervention from the outside, maybe because of the size of the wound. A doctor will stitch it, as our body cannot heal it by its own means. After this external help, the final healing of this wound will depend on the cares that only we can provide for ourselves. The result will be the healing and , along with it , the scar that will accompany us for the rest of our lives.

Back to the work itself, suffering is represented to the right of the observer.

The same wound is present here, but it remains open. Probably, it has not been taken care of, or the necessary external help has not been provided. If any healing symptom does appear, we will interrupt it, we will not let it continue. It will get infected. Then, pus will come out. As time goes by, we get sicker. We go through life carrying this burden. We deteriorate.

This is denial. Sometimes it is the cultural guidelines that do not help in the healing process. Society and its guidelines which are programmed in our minds, leads us to think that anybody who has to face a loss, should endure eternal suffering.

After a long suffering due to a loss, I say : No.

There had been pain, but I need a healthy body today, a healed body, without infection, in order to enjoy the beautiful path of life.

Pain does not involve forgetting, there will always be a scar. The scar which will accompany me forever.

Dedicated to my brother Carlos Alejandro, who died at 21, on January 21, 1985.

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