Stars Series


"Stars 0" conceived in 1997 is incorporated to this series. At the time of its making I did not yet have in mind creating this series, so for a long time it was denominated: Untitled. Upon generating the series I decided to add this work that takes a zero in its title due to its quality of predecessor.

Comprising paintings:

"Stars 0" 1997 Media: Mixed Size: 1.64 x 2.30 ft

"Stars I" 1998 Media: Mixed Size: 4.60 x 5.90 ft

"Stars II" 1998 Media: Mixed Size: 4.60 x 4.60 ft

"Stars III" 1998 Media: Mixed Size: 3.30 x 3.30 ft


The following is something that I wrote on finishing "Stars I":

Until today I always associated night with darkness, the feeling of being lost. How "lucky" we are to have invented artificial light to be able to illuminate that not knowing where one is.

Nevertheless, the counterpart of this great invention was making invisible what for centuries was the natural nightly guide of travelers: star generated light.

Stars have almost disappeared from the big city skies, partly due to pollution, but also because of the artificial light generated by the cities themselves.

I remember several years ago, on visiting Aunt Estela, my father's sister, at her house in Rivadavia, Province of Mendoza, we were lying on the grass having one of those enriching conversations that we used to have, and that we still do, though less frequently.

I remember the sky was clear, decorated with thousands of beautiful and radiant stars. It was a moment I shall never forget. An indecipherable map of light shone in the firmament.

Today, four days before my trip to New York, these memories return. I relate them with the metaphoric concept of "star": which says that those who achieve something they desire that seemed impossible at first, have a "guiding star". So did the ancient travelers who read in the stars the correct way to take as to arrive to destination. The same idea underlies in "some are born with a star...".

This idea would seem to establish an external condition, and a mark, that some have and others do not. Nevertheless I think that believing firmly in something, and doing it with love and perseverance, helps us clear the "smog" and turn off the "artificial lights" that confuse us and lead us to the wrong paths.

This is my small tribute to the true and only light: the one that is generated by our own star, which is not external to us, but lies within each one of us. It is just about trying to clarify our inner world to let it shine and guide us.