Bourgeois and Marginal



It consists of two canvases screwed to one another, with a piece of fabric applied onto their union. On both sides of the base there are two parts of a frame. Different materials were used besides the overlaying piece of fabric, covering several textures and a wide range of paints.


The work represents the transformation process from structure to creative.

The opaque colors of the superior panel (ocre yellows, dim reds and a particular shade of blue) represent the bourgeois in spirit, who transit life monotonously, with regular appearance occupying almost perfectly defined spaces.

Some of them, as a result of boredom and in an act of survival, fall into a big "bag" represented by a clothe which moves to a transition between the two panels, which in turn leads them to state of peace.

It is there, in the inferior panel, where the rules are replaced by creativity generating energy, which, and as a sort of synergy, feeds the rest who are now capable of absorbing it.

As I said before, in the superior panel live the bourgeois. Some might ask (and I admit on having done so myself), why on the upper half? Why attribute the characteristic that implies being on a "superior" level to another thing or instance that surely to its being beneath the former is naturally "inferior"? I guess these issues respond to the roots of our own structuration where in a conditioned way, we look for peace, fictitious at this, in order and in the self imposed rules though which we endow things with subjective value

Thus, some of them "fall" and are transformed. In this transformation individuals outline their own personality, floating if you may, without external forces that determine their direction, as if they were flying in a space with the absence of matte colors (ocre yellows, dim reds and blue, the latter the brightest of the three, my favorite color, which represents that seed, that essence, from which change shall germinate) to allow the surge of luminous colors and the texture as a symbol of flexibility.

Transgressors such as the sun, go beyond the limit using freely elements as the frame, which used to belong to the bourgeois who in a failed attempt to achieve transformation remove it from the top, as if changing something external could modify their condition, achieving only to change their appearance.

I call them marginal because they are a minority, and that provokes their segregation by those who - being tided to rules, prejudices, appearances, insecurities, fears, etc.- feel uncomfortable with what their very existence implies.

Lastly, and what leaves me thinking, is that unconsciously on signing my name, I chose to locate myself among the first, that is to say the last, right?