Four situations, three problems


This is a diptych. It has 130 cm in its base for one of the fabrics and 50 cm for the other.

In the first, to the right of the observer, there are three rectangles. One of them is ocher yellow and on it there are textures which go from oil in the inferior part to paper and red or even fluorescent acrylics from the middle part to the top. There is another rectangle of a dark red colour and another one which is predominantly black. Over the last two there is a fabric texture superimposed.

In the second one, to the left of the observer, there is a white rectangle in perspective.

Meaning of the work

How many situations in life are thought to be irreversible? How many of them seem to have not solution at all? The first one to come to my mind is death. There may be others but not many. Some people may name other situations as irreversible but when we associate it with death, we will agree on the fact that there are not many so called irreversible situations.

Why do we face daily situations as threats, as problems?

Sometimes they literally burn us. Other times, we deny them so as not to face them.

We hide others and leave them unsolved, for them to reappear more intensely sooner or later.

This clearly upsets us and paves the way for more problems to crop up.

Viewing situations as they are, reasoning them objectively, looking into them from different angles, posing them in perspective, free from prejudice, from attachment, with a responsible attitude, giving an answer to them from our inner self, lightning them and facing them without allowing them to become a burden, would probably prevent them from turning into problems.