1966 Born in the city of Godoy Cruz, province of Mendoza, on November 29th.
1969 Settles together with his parents and older brothers in Buenos Aires City where he spends the rest of his childhood.
1979 Moves to Paris with his family until 1981, year in which they return to Buenos Aires.
1989 Joins the Macri Group Holding developing his professional activity up to this date.
1993 Starts artistic activity under the guide of a local woman painter during the first year, and later continues on his own becoming a self-taught artist.
1997 Is the year chosen to start showing his work publicly.
He takes part for the first time in an art contest where he is awarded for his technique.
First exhibitions and appearances in art related media allow him to reach a wider audience.
In Rio de Janeiro meets the gallerist Marly Faro who decides to help him promote his work in Brazil.
Towards the end of this year he is called by a major service company, Pago Fácil, to exhibit in their locals.
1998 He receives a sponsorship from Fundación Macri.
Continues to develop locally and new opportunities appear overseas.


1997 Soul Café, Buenos Aires.
Ritratto, Buenos Aires.
1998 Pago Fácil locals (permanent exhibition), Belgrano, Vicente López, San Isidro, Buenos Aires.
Casa de la Provincia de Mendoza en Buenos Aires.
1998/99 Representaciones del Mundo Interior, Piola, Buenos Aires.
1999 Galería Brandy, Buenos Aires.
Momento Literario, Artista Plástico Invitado, Fundación Rómulo Raggio (Argentina) - A Revista (España) - Algo que Leer (Argentina), Museo Rómulo Raggio, Vicente López, Buenos Aires.


1997 Galería Dimensión, Buenos Aires.
Del Rey, Paseo de la Infanta, Buenos Aires.
1998 High Energy Abstraction, Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York.
Espacio Giribaldi, Montevideo, organized by the Argentine Embassy.
1999 Landscape Escape, Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York.
Galería El Loft del Viejo Palermo, Buenos Aires.
Documentos Arte Argentino 1999, Museo Roca, Buenos Aires.
Nuevo Arte Argentino, Museo Roca, Buenos Aires.
99/2000 Year Round Salon, Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York.


1997 Mención Técnica Mixta prize, Galería Dimensión, Buenos Aires.
1998 Selected Salón 81 Aniversario, Universidad Popular de la Boca, Buenos Aires.
Selected Concurso de Pintura 1998, CROMOS Centro de Estudios de Arte, Buenos Aires.


1997 Magenta Magazine (April issue No. 46), Buenos Aires.
TV interview in Manos a la Obra (Cablevisión, VCC, Multicanal).
1998 Andina de Mendoza Magazine (May issue No. 1).
Book: Libro Artistas Plásticos Contemporáneos de Argentina, Ediciones Institucionales.
1999 Documenta Latinoamericano, editions Arte al Día.
Reflejos Argentinos, issued by The Pictorial Bardon Group, Argentina en el Arte.
Book: Arte Trascendental Argentino, Ediciones Institucionales.


BCH Capital Advisers, Buenos Aires.


Solo exhibition between 7 to 26 January 2000 at Montserrat Gallery, Soho, New York, with the official support of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto - República Argentina.